Day one official lockdown

This is my favourite photo of the bottom of the garden at the moment. We’re all working from home now, though some of us do that all the time and others don’t (and don’t like it). I’ve printed out a schedule of work times and breaks, I’ve done some exercise and some scales, and some Bach Preludes and Fugues – 2 majors and 2 minors a day should keep me going for a few weeks. Easy to become inward and self-focussed, rather than remembering what may be going on outside and elsewhere. The police cruised up our road this morning, rounding up stragglers I assume. We must prioritise our daily excursion, whether walking round the block or cycling further afield, and enjoy the birds on the feeders. This morning listening to Amália Rodrigues, following a fortuitous trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (just in time) to catch the new exhibition by Joana Vasconcelos – with a massive rotating heart built from red plastic cutlery, to the sound of fado songs sung by Amália Rodrigues – thus a birthday cd from Marie. Constructive activities will continue.

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