Enforced inactivity leads to activities…

Or at least that is the hope. All work cancelled within 24 hours last week, examining, teaching, playing, youth theatre, choir – plus all Wakefield Jazz gigs cancelled until September – and it was all going so well. So I need to embark on a new programme of self-improvement and self-promotion, like all the other musicians/poets/actors/artists/ definitively non-essential workers. If you’re superfluous and you know it, write a blog/upload some tracks/do some online teaching. With that in mind, I’ve renewed acquaintance with my youtube page¬†and my bandcamp page

I’ve uploaded some random stuff and more will follow. I might need a routine and some goals – practise, read, write, record, garden, filing – I’ve already started to reorganise my cd and book shelves – and I have a book called Against Creativity (Oli Mould) to read, on the appropriation of “creativity” by 21C capitalism – ie we’re all supposed to be creative and work creatively, but it’s all part of capitalism’s ceaseless reinvention of itself, instantly claiming anything slightly subversive and monetising it, thus neutralising/corrupting it. Easily done. And this blog is part of that process, where I attempt to sell my creative lifestyle and fascinating life. So enough of that. Play some music/read a book/listen to some music/get in the garden/phone a friend. Enough!

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