New Year 2020

Into a new decade, the 2020s, as an increasingly older person, already I have to confront the reality that there won’t be a government in the UK that I can support until I’m in my 60s, despite much door-knocking in early December. The level of disappointment and misery following the 12th Dec election was more than I expected, and has overshadowed much of the last month. The red-green shoots of recovery are elusive.

Sitting in a cafe in Leeds, outside the sun is shining, I have ballet classes to play for in a little while, I have Stephen Sondheim’s Into The Woods to occupy my thoughts with youth theatre until the end of July, I have a little rhubarb-related project to write for with some Wakefield jazz musicians and the Monday night choir, and Wakefield Jazz returns this Friday – Alina Bzhezhinska, SogoRock and Pigfoot to look forward to over the next three weeks.

My ipod shuffled me some uncompromising 80s Henry Threadgill in the car this morning. I enjoyed singing some songs at the Red Shed/Labour Club the other week with my accordion – some Victor Jara/Richard Dawson/Brecht&Eisler – not necessarily cheerful. And I tidied my room yesterday – always a good thing. To say spring is on the way would be overly optimistic.

Today’s quote: (and most days) – “pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will” (Karl Marx)

If needing more clarity re where we are today, listen to this: